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Pink Coconuts is your guide to LGBTQ Barbados. We are committed to the values of inclusion and diversity and we welcome you to our island. More about us

Island Guide

To learn more about Barbados’ gay scene, taste and enjoy the beauty of the island, and support gay owned and gay friendly businesses, check out our Pride Barbados Tour

Gay Barbados

What is it like for the LGBT community in Barbados?

Barbados is not a violent country period – We enjoy one of the very lowest crime rates in the Caribbean and so violent attacks of the gay community are low. However, gay communities enjoy moderate treatment as it relates to discrimination. We find that within lower socio-economic classes or within very religious households LGBTQ people can feel isolated, rejected and abandoned and within schools LGBTQ youth are still bullied and marginalised. Many LGB gender-conforming people live rather normal and happy lives although there are no provisions for civil unions or same-sex marriage in Barbados. Transwomen, like all over the world feel it the most in Barbados and are often last to be employed and victims of verbal abuse and harassment.

Are there ways for gay individuals to meet each other?

Yes, we quite a few events and activities that the local communities enjoy. Message us to be invited 🙂

The law is still yet to change in favour of LGBT rights. What are you and others locally doing to try to effect change?

We’re lobbying inclusive legislation that protects people from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity, we’re starting at company levels using the LGBTQ tourist market to influence hotels and tour companies to look at their own policies and how they treat LGBTQ staff. Apart from that many activists including myself have engaged in public dialogue for LGBTQ issues to start the conversation and to better attitudes towards LGBTQ Barbadians.

How welcoming is Barbados for gay travellers?

LGBTQ visitors are welcomed like all visitors to the island, Barbados is very hospitable and welcoming to all people in general. However, there is some real work to be done as it relates to LGBTQ sensitization for hotels, tours companies and service providers as well as to connect LGBTQ visitors to local LGBTQ events and activities. That’s what Pink Coconuts is about.

What words of advice would you give to an LGBT individual considering visiting – both warnings and suggestions?

Immerse yourself in Barbados and don’t hold back. Gay or straight public displays of affection are not customary in Barbados. Get out and see Barbados, its a really gorgeous island, meet locals and connect with the community. We’re here to help.

What is Barbados like in comparison to other Caribbean islands?

Barbados is a unique package because of its stunning beauty, very developed tourism product, clean environment and hospitality industry it also brings with it a great deal of safety. The long history with tourism makes it an ideal and easy Caribbean destination to navigate. Unlike some of the other islands, tourism and local life coexist in the same space – allowing the visitor to more easily feel part of the “local” scene. The accommodation ranges from high-end luxury right through to Airbnb, so it can accommodate a range of budgets and visitor experiences.

What are your favourite things to do in Barbados and what things must tourists ensure they experience when they’re in the country?

Animal Flower Cave is one of my favourite places on the island. Harrison’s Cave in Barbados and Bottom Bay in St. Philip are also breathtakingly beautiful, the is also not one to be missed. A catamaran cruise is a must do in Barbados. Take a hike in the hills of Barbados and make sure you buy some swordfish from Pat’s Place in Oistins.

How can the international community support you and your cause in changing LGBT rights in Barbados?

Visit the island and contribute to our local LGBTQ communities by supporting LGBTQ events, visiting LGBTQ inclusive hotels and accommodation, visiting LGBTQ owned stores and tours and activities by LGBTQ youth. Pink Coconuts was set up specifically to accommodate this. These all help to build and empower local communities and create more and more inclusive spaces for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Choosing Pink Coconuts ensures that your dollars are spent within the LGBTQ community, sensitization training within tourism and hospitality (that advocates for both locals and tourists), implementation of equal opportunity policies for LGBTQ prospective staff and assists local communities.

Thanks for choosing us!

Island Guide
Get Around

Public Transportation

It’s pretty easy to get around Barbados by public transport as there is a decent enough transport system on the West and South coast of the island. You may use private buses and vans. The fare to use public transportation is BDS$2.00 which equates to US$1.00. While not necessary – try to use local fare always since foreign coins are not accepted in Barbados.

Island Guide

Best gay-friendly restaurants in Barbados


Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados

“Great service, amazing food with a chill atmosphere and decent prices. Tapas is lovely and easy Caribbean and seafood restaurant. The owner is such a gem!”


Hastings, Christ Church

“Super fancy and a super ally to the local community, Buzo is an exquisite, intimate Italian restaurant that’s perfect for romance and celebrations

Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins, Christ Church

“Oistins is what’s happening on Friday’s in Barbados, its pretty much a massive street party – drinks, street food and music! We recommend the swordfish from Pat’s Place, just ask anyone.”